Founded on June 12, 2008 Verdant Meadows Memorial Garden Inc. is quiet, pampered by the sun and nestled among the green rolling hills.

Mission Statement:

Verdant meadows memorial garden is a sanctuary of love and solace for families and their dearly departed. Our purpose is to provide a safe and private resting haven to all regardless of religious orientation.

General Information:

Verdant Meadows Memorial Garden is quiet, pampered by the sun, and nestled among the green rolling hills. Though a burial place, the setting will resemble a botanic garden, to be landscaped and planted with flowering plants found in the tropics. The garden will certainly radiate charm that transcends the feeling of loneliness and exude tranquility. At the memorial garden the hills bloom in all seasons - colorful crotons as hedges, with gardenias, roses and sampaguitas scattered throughout for natural fragrance.

From the memorial garden, one can view the nearby fields below and see the distant mountains of Dingle, a neighboring town of Pototan.

The garden is divided into 3 categories:

Class A - Legacy:

This category is intended for mausoleums, accented with varieties of orchid plants.
1 lot - approximately 2.4 square meters.

Class B - Heritage:

Garden lots accented with roses and gardenias.
2 lots - approximately 4.8 square meters.

Class C - Memoriams:

Lawn plats accented with mixed flowering shrubs.
8 lots - approximately 20 square meters.

Bright colored crotons will serve as fences and also add warmth to the garden which also section the different types of lot categories:


Designed to accommodate everyone regardless of religious orientation, the memorial garden has the following available amenities:

3.4 hectares of soothing scenery
Ecumenical chapel
Prayer garden
Ossuary (depository of transferred remains)
Columbarium (niches for cremated remains behind the chapel)
Gazebos for each garden category
Memorial wall containing the names of those laid to rest
Rustic facade entrance
Tree lined interior roads
Reception hall or all-purpose hall
Lily pond
Field Office
Ample parking area
Guard house
Public restrooms